Belarus Flower Delivery

Delivery Areas

For anything inside the range of major cities in Belarus, we can offer free delivery but if you need to send your delivery somewhere else, you can obtain all the details in Delivery Guidelines. With a quick, yet realistic time frame for deliveries, you can receive your order within Belarus in as little as 24 hours (provided said delivery is placed before 8.00 AM GMT. Alternatively, you can send an email with any questions you may have and our friendly and courteous staff will be happy to help. Simply send an email to:
[email protected]
In regards to payments, accepts many forms such as:
American Express
Diners Club
Discover Card
and more!
If you couldn’t find your payment method above, then just send us an email to find out if can help.

*Various floral designs available, lovingly hand crafted by our experienced teams with top of the range, fresh, products. Custom orders are available to fit into everyone’s choice and budgets, keeping your privacy secure 100% and never giving your personal details to any third party, for any reason. This is OUR guarantee!