Belarus Flower Delivery

Substitution Policy

Some flowers come and go according to the seasons so some of our stock may not always be available, however rest assured that does the best we can to ensure this doesn’t happen often. Due to our high demand, many customers may experience a few situations where the required types or colors of flowers or gifts may not be available. Time and season also factors in here so so it may occur when browsing through our online catalog and will select an alternative type/color at our discretion. If we cannot find a similar or equal cost replacement, we will use higher value products and items in order to retain the exact specifications you ordered (size, color scheme, shape, accessories etc.). Different suppliers and stores may be only available according to supplier and/or store location but again, every effort will be undertaken to ensure an almost identical order. If there are any queries or feedback you would like to address, please contact as soon as possible to rectify any problems.

Minimum Orders
In order to cover our production, labor, and staffing costs, has a minimum of $30 US (totaling BEFORE the delivery fee). Transportation is a costly division so to remedy this, any order under $30 US will be automatically rounded up to this, excluding the delivery fee (depending on location). To get the most value out of our products/services, advises you to order as close to $30US or more.

Free Items Limit
Limit of one free item per order over a particular value to deliveries. Only one per order, no exceptions.

Alterations and/or Additions offer a 48 hour cut off period to make any changes to your order. If you’ve forgotten something, or need to make some alterations then please get into contact via phone or email BEFORE the 48 hour period. Rush deliveries are unable to have additions or alternations implemented. This is a very important detail to remember when utilizing our services.

Cancellation Policy
As with our alteration/addition policy, any cancellations to your order (or a complete cancellation) will require to be placed within the 48 hour cut off period. We asked that you contact as soon as you can because we are happy to assist you with any changes or order cancellations with a smile! Once the order has been prepared or is ready for delivery, we will NOT be able to cancel it, as much as we would like to.
In life there are a number of situations and things that could go wrong and we here at understand so while we cannot offer you a cash refund for orders cancelled past the 48 hour period, we can still offer you store credit to place a different order at your convenience. If this is not agreeable to you then we can refund the order total to your PayPal account but this will incur a $40 US cancellation fee, with all orders cancelled before 24 hours will be refunded with a $30 US cancellation fee. Anything past the 24 hour period will NOT be refunded so please make sure you understand these terms before purchasing any orders. If you do decide to opt for a store credit instead, there is not expiration date and can be used on any items in our online store.
Please note that deliveries unable to be processed or completed due to either wrong destination addresses or no contact/being unable to get in touch with the customer, then are entitled to retain up t 30% of the total order price. There are a number of factors that may entitle to keep more of the total price, even all of it if special cases occur, such as;
Multiple delivery attempts
Exorbitant courier/transportation costs
Remote locations
Item/Gift/Flower costs

Please always strive to ensure that you have the correct details and intended recipients can be contacted to avoid potential problems or expenses. It also stands to reason but if your order has already been crafted and dispatched to its intended recipient, then the order has been completed from a legal standpoint, and cannot be refunded.

Flowers/Perishable Goods Quality Claim can officially guarantee that all of our products are top of the range, fresh, high quality bouquets and can offer the same guarantee for up to 3 days after the delivery date. Failure to do so after however, will risk the flowers dying, and the items perishing, all at the customer’s cost. will not be responsible for orders over the time limit and will not replace said items at our own expense however, we will endeavor to preserve them as long as possible. As our products are 100% fresh, the time limit varies, ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks. Please ensure you are ready to receive your order as soon as possible to avoid complications.