Belarus Flower Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

 Every order is a top priority for our florists and couriers no matter how big or how small. Every time you order from, rest assured that the entire process from creation to delivery is take care of for you, with no short supply of care and attention.


While we may not be able to deliver to all locations outside of our list but if you can’t see your desired destination, simply send an email and we may be able to organize a delivery, for an extra fee of course. Depending on the geography, weather, and distance to travel, we might be able to accommodate your requests.

Yes we will! You can still place orders even though you haven’t provided a phone number, however the only problem lies in the fact that your order cannot be guaranteed to be delivered successfully and may incur extra costs (as previously explained above). We endeavor to get into contact with the recipient and customer at all costs before having to cancel orders or incur additional costs to organize alternate arrangements. If the intended recipient is unable to provide a contact number then please provide detailed and specific instructions on what to do if this happens. For example:
Please deliver the order to the neighbor. They will be expecting it and will be waiting for your couriers. (Please note that once delivery is signed for and accepted, holds no responsibility for the condition once you receive it.
If no one is available for delivery, please attempt to redeliver at a future time we both can agree on. (Please not that this will incur additional fees and must be within the 3 day period before all responsibility for product condition ceases.)

For a nominal fee, we can send one of our couriers over to the specified address to find out if said recipient still resides there. Please note that using this service will cost $40 US and can accept payments through credit card online. If you would like to pay in another form, then please get in contact with our friendly staff for some detailed payment information. If the person does not live there, this fee is non refundable so make sure you would like to utilize this service before paying.

Due to privacy reasons, and for your safety, does not store ANY of your private information or credit card details. We believe in the strictest and safest standards for your information but as a result, we cannot charge orders again, or use information to make additions. In order to do this, simply get into contact with one of our professional team members and we will obtain your details once again to process the change.

9 AM to 9 PM local time for most cities, but we have been known to make special exceptions for certain customers. Please give us a call or send an email for custom requirements.

As previously described, you may leave specific instructions with your orders and are required to do so if you wish to have a surprise delivery. Using the COMMENTS section available to you in our order forms, your delivery will be processed and delivered without revealing who sent it, or what it is.
REMEMBER that you must ensure the recipient will be at the required location when the delivery is carried out. Failure to do so will incur another delivery and incur extra fees (as previously described). As flowers and some of our products are living and perishable, we require to deliver the order to recipients as soon as possible and maintain our 100% customer satisfaction. Please have all of these details covered prior to ordering. The best method is to have someone who knows about it with the required person, who can receive a message from our couriers.

Of course! There is no extra work involved in attaching a personal note to your gift cards and is often encouraged by our designers to add that personal touch. Just remember to leave the specified details in the comment section of our order page. We can offer short translation services from Russian to English, or vice versa, of up to 100 words.

We wouldn’t have a great customer service record if we didn’t! can provide you confirmation that your delivery is successful within 24 hours, sometimes even within the same 12 hour trade time! If for any reason your order is delayed, or the recipient did not receive the order, you will be notified immediately by email or phone (mostly both).

For the reasons listed ahead, may not be able to provide this proof of delivery (though we will try our best in most cases):
Recipient is not there at the time of delivery, but we can successfully deliver
Recipient may not wish to be captured digitally
Photo equipment may not be available in some remote/distant areas

Consider any information you share with nonexistent. Any private or personal details are not kept on record to avoid any potential hacks or financial crimes. Everything down to your favorite color (if taken) is only shared with our florist if applicable but absolutely no one else!

When you place an order online with, you are immediately redirect to the VeriSign secure order form, employed by our company. We have chosen this to secure peace of mind for all of our customers and ensure that every transaction carried out online is a safe transaction. Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layers), VeriSign is a technologically advanced protection program which connects directly to the computer using it. It protects any unauthorized users of potential threats during the process so our customers can rest easy knowing nothing is being given away. Remember, once complete, NONE of your information is stored in our servers, especially your credit card details.

This is a common question, but one that is easily answered. We DO offer the traditional 12 rose ensembles that most global retailers provide but in Belarus, many funeral customs require the sending of odd numbered bouquets as a form of sympathy. While it is not a strict custom,we still offer this package to speed deliveries but is very important when you wish to stick to the right traditions.
Flowers tend to speak a number of emotions and has its own language in Belarus just as it is with everywhere else in the world. There are any commonalities, including;
Bright, multicolored bouquets for support (ill, recovering etc.)
Roses for love or romance
Lillies/Carnations for sympathy/grievances

Remember that if you have a specific function to send flowers for, getting in touch with us first can save you precious time and money! Work with our dedicated and professional team to ensure the best results available!

Send whatever is in season at the moment, as long as they are beautiful, along with some simple items. Either a box of chocolates or a balloon will suffice. Give our courteous staff a call or email today for some assistance!

Valentine’s Day (like most countries) is one of THE most popular days to send flowers or gifts (even both). This falls on February 14th so make sure to get in touch with to make that special someone feel loved. International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th, is also another popular day for flowers, with Christmas and New year following closely behind.